Through the Scottish Screen Archive, the National Library of Scotland is actively engaged in developing the use of film in all learning contexts. We support learning by widening access to film collections through web delivery, workshops, screenings and presented shows.

Learning resources

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Scotland on Screen

Scotland on Screen is an exciting educational resource which provides over 25 hours of film from the Scottish Screen Archive with accompanying learning resources tagged for the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

Cartoon potato characterYou can search for, view, analyse and discuss lots of historical film clips and find out how to use film in many different subject areas.

The website provides teachers and learners with a rear-view mirror on Scottish society over the past century. If you are a school teacher, university lecturer or educator who works with groups, you can download and repurpose the films for use in the classroom.

Go to Scotland on Screen to start learning how to read, analyse and work with archive film.

Moving Image Education and 21st Century Literacy

The archive works closely with Creative Scotland and Learning and Teaching Scotland to promote Moving Image Education (MIE) and 21st Century Literacy.

DVD releases

A number of DVD resources are available for use with learning:

Home Front dvd cover

The Home Front in Scotland – World War 2

The Home Front has proved a popular topic for project work in schools. This compilation of extracts relates to aspects of the civilian experience of the Home Front, including civil defence, war work, rationing and the Clydebank Blitz.

Black-and-white; silent and sound (46 minutes)
Price: £10, including VAT

Reminiscence work

The following three compilations have been designed for use with people with memory loss or impairment and for use with reminiscence and community groups, as well as for general discussion and entertainment. Each section is themed and can be watched individually or played as a whole.

Entertainment dvd cover

Scotland in the Past: Remember when … Entertainment

This DVD features a variety of extracts focusing on entertainment in the past, including skating, dancing, songs, theatre and pantomime, cinema, and advertising.

Black-and-white and colour; silent and sound (50 minutes)
Price: £10, including VAT

Glasgow's Landmarks dvd cover

Scotland in the Past: Remember when … Glasgow's landmarks

This DVD features a variety of extracts focusing on Glasgow in the past, including housing, railways, shopping, museums, parks, buildings, and a Glasgow buildings quiz from 1926.

Black-and-white and colour; silent and sound (45 minutes)
Price: £10, including VAT

Scotland in the Past: Remember when … The journey of life

Double DVD pack – coming soon

This DVD features a variety of extracts representing a journey through life celebrating key moments from birth, childhood and school days, courtship and marriage, work life and home life, holidays and leisure and some 'senior moments'. The films represent a portrait of life that, in many cases, has now gone forever.

Black-and-white and colour; silent and sound (2 hours)
Price: £15, including VAT

Bo'ness Children's Fair dvd cover

The Best Day of the Year: 100 Years of the Bo'ness Children's Fair

This bumper pack DVD contains a new documentary film looking at the history and memories of the Bo'ness Children's Fair. The documentary follows the Workers' Educational Association (WEA) history group as they research the fair, and includes archive film, interviews and footage of the 2007 fair. The film emerged out of a life-long learning history project between the WEA and the Scottish Screen Archive and was made in partnership with Falkirk Council and Pilton Video.

An additional bonus DVD contains Louis Dickson's newly digitised Bo'ness Fair films from 1912–1960.

Black-and-white and colour; silent and sound (2 hours 30 minutes)
Price: £15, including VAT

How to order

Postage and packing charges are extra. When buying more than one title, a discount may apply.

Email or phone 0845 366 4600 for further information on charges and how to order the DVDs.

We are always delighted to hear how you have used the DVD resources. If you would like to share how you have used the films, or pass on any suggestions or comments, please email

Scottish Films leaflet, 1930s

Scottish Films leaflet, 1930s

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A Clyde shipyard

A Clyde shipyard

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Out for value

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