Donate moving images

The Scottish Screen Archive is always interested in hearing from anyone who may have footage relating to Scottish life or that reflects Scottish achievements on screen. Moving images can be:

As a general policy we will not buy material for the collection.

Voluntary donation

The UK has no statutory deposit legislation for moving images. Accordingly we obtain film and documentation largely through voluntary donation and collaboration with film-makers. We accept material without cost to the depositor.

Rights of use

Any film we accept will be subject to a formal agreement. Deposit in our collections will not prejudice original rights in the material. However, we will expect to obtain authorisation for use of the footage for historical research, and for community, educational and non-theatrical purposes, with internet delivery as appropriate.

Non-film items

As well as moving images, we actively collect:

Contact us

We invite owners of film, video and related materials who may be considering deposit to contact the Acquisitions Officer.

Film vaults

Film vaults

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