Benefits of registering with the National Library of Scotland

If you like to create a 'My films' list on this site, you can benefit from registering with the National Library of Scotland.

'My films' is a personalisation feature. You can use it without registering, but you can only access it on the computer you used when you created the list. Because the list information is stored on cookies on that computer, you can't get to it from any other computer.

Password for accessing features

When you register online, you get login details to use for NLS password-protected services and personalisation features. You can then create a favourite films list which you can access at any time from any computer.

Our NLS single-login facility means that, once you have logged in to one of these features / services, you can use others without having to log in again.

How to get started

You do not have to register or log in to use the Scottish Screen Archive website.