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  • RUSSELL, Stanley Livingstone


  • 1950s


Reference number: 0020

Date: 1959

Director: d. Stanley L. Russell

Sponsor: Educational Films of Scotland

Production company: Thames and Clyde

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17.00 mins

Description: The life and work of the inventor of steam engines, James Watt.

Paper Archive 1/6/27. File containing correspondence and script.

Credits: sc. W.G. Beaton
comm. J. McKechnie
sd. James Fleming

Shotlist: REEL I

Credits (.27); Shots from photographs of Greenock, docks, the Watt Library and various statues of James Watt, portraits, etc. (2.05); Shots of workshop constructed in Science Museum in London, with working models of inventions and instruments (2.50); Canal machinery and engineering work, steam engines (3.33); Histroy of early principles of steam by diagram. Working model demonstrates Newcomen's theories (6.20); Watt's model and separate condenser demonstrated by diagram and working model. (9.11)


No credits. Model of "Old Bess", Watt's first steam engine, sun and planet gear, and parallel motion (1.11); Photographs and shots of Soho works, Birmingham, belonging to Watt's partner, Matthew Bolton. Shots of Glasgow steel works still using Watt and Bolton's engine (3.02); Photograph of steam vessel, model of the "Comet", beam engine model for ships. (4.05); Traction engine models and early locomotives (5.55); Paddle steamers and steam engine in manufacture (6.40); Statue in the Watt Library, Greenock, and acknowledgements (7.50)

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