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  • Fish and fishing
  • Ships and shipping
  • Transport
  • Water and waterways


  • Educational


  • Scottish Educational Film Association (SEFA)


  • 1930s


Reference number: 0079

Date: 1938c

Production company: SEFA (Glasgow Group)

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 9.30 mins

Description: Scotland's three canals, the Crinan, Caledonian, and Forth and Clyde are shown in operation.

Shotlist: Credits (.09); gvs of various canals and locks (.25) Scotland has three canals. Map showing the Crinan, Caledonian and Forth and Clyde canals (1.02); Canals are huge ditches dug by man and filled with water from the hills. gvs same (1.24) Most canals are higher than the sea. l.s. of locks (1.38) A lock. Each lock gate has a door under the water called the sluice. Shot of same (1.59) By means of the lock a boat can be raised or lowered. Shots as the launch "Lochbuie" (?) enters a lock (3.24) Opening the sluice. gvs same, launch moves out into the canal (3.33) Bridges, old and new. Bridge is raised to let launch through (3.43) larger road bridge is raised to let a fishing smack through. The bridge is lowered again and cars cross over (4.11) Canal boats carry different kinds of cargo such as timber. Shots of horse-drawn barge on a canal loaded up with logs. A barge moored at the quayside by the timber yard for loading (4.50) Oil. Barges "Clydegate" and "Perfection" and a steam puffer in the canal. Barge is moored at quayside and oil is pumped aboard (5.23) Sand for making glass. Sand on barge (5.56) Canals make excellent shortcuts. Shots of a map showing the route of the Forth & Clyde canal. Fishing boats in the Forth & Clyde canal; shots of launch Lochbuie? and the pleasure steamer, Gypsy Queen; paddle steamer Gondolier in lock gates at Fort Augustus, then sailing onto Loch Ness from the Caledonian canal as men work to close gates (7.00)

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