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  • Celts and celtic culture
  • Fish and fishing
  • Transport
  • Agriculture


  • Sponsored


  • RUSSELL, Stanley Livingstone


  • 1950s


Reference number: 0112

Date: 1955

Director: d. Stanley L. Russell

Sponsor: Joint Production Committee of SEFA and SFC

Production company: Thames and Clyde

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17.55 mins

Description: A dramatised documentary of life in a crofting community.

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Credits: ph. David Hanley
comm. James McKechnie

Shotlist: Reel 1
Credits (.34) We meet Kenny the crofter boy and his family who live in the crofting community of Invergair (2.06) Kenny travels 14 miles to school by car and bus (4.16) the lessons begin and we see boys doing woodwork and playing shinty during the interval, and girls singing in the Gaelic choir (7.13) back at the croft, Kenny's mother cooks on a peat fire. Etta, Kenny's sister, who works in the hotel. Kenny's father helps another crofter. Such co-operation is common, due to the lack of labour (8.43) sheep are dipped under the supervision of the local police (10.06)

Reel 2
No credits. Barrmor Toolworks Limited, a small factory which employs about 12 men, who also work on their crofts (.53) forestry also employs crofters. Shots of mobile sawmills being used to cut timber (1.50) Kerry Falls hydro-electric power station supplies electricity to the crofts and the Hydro Board mobile showroom comes round to offer the latest electrical gadgets (2.56) Kenny learns the technique of herring fishing, and lobster and salmon fishing, from the fishermen. Back on the croft, he learns how to drive a mini tractor (6.36) commentator sums up the crofters' way of life as Kenny comes home for his supper. After practising on his chanter, he goes off to bed (9.00)

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