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  • Fife


  • Arts and crafts
  • Birds
  • Home life
  • Housing and living conditions


  • Documentary


  • COOPER, Henry
  • RUSSELL, Stanley Livingstone
  • Scottish Films / Thames and Clyde Productions


  • 1930s


Reference number: 0191

Date: 1938

Director: d. Henry Cooper

Producer: Stanley Russell

Production company: Scottish Film Productions

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10.00 mins

Description: A look at the historic town of Culross in Fife with views of the ruined Abbey, houses and Town Cross.

Credits: commentator T. Smith
m. John McArthur.
Recording by M Irvine on Albion Truphonic Sound Recording.
p. Stanley L. Russell

Shotlist: Credits (.44); Shot of old print of Culross (1.02); Sign for Culross Abbey (1.05); Print of Abbey (1.10); Shots of the exterior of the ruined Abbey (1.23); Print of the Abbey (1.33); Shots of the Abbey tower (1.48); Shot of the plans for the original building (1.55); Exterior shots of the Abbey (2.22); View of sea from the Abbey walls (2.34); A Cedar of Lebanon growing nearby (2.43); More shots of the ruined Abbey (4.03); An artist with his sketch book (4.09); Rooftops of Culross (4.21); The artist again (4.31); Man leads horse and cart up a narrow street (4.43); Shot of inscriptions over window (4.54); Man unloads boxes from cart (4.57); A small boy (5.02); Three men at the Town Cross (5.15); Print of the original Cross (5.21); Another shot of men at the Cross (5.27); Buildings at water's edge (5.34); Children throwing scraps to swans (5.50); Youngsters sitting on a wall with a dog (5.57); Shots of harbour (6.11); Exteriors of town house (6.35); Shots of local people in narrow streets and amongst the old buildings (7.26); The approach to the Palace (7.37); Visitors are shown around by a guide. Shot of exterior and interior (9.15); Culross rooftops (9.30); ecs (9.47)

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