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Different types of housing development by Glasgow Corporation. Pre-fab, semi-detached, tenement rows, old folks' home with elderly couple sitting outside the building, a new block of flats. (clip) [74960309]

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  • Glasgow


  • Arts and crafts
  • Construction and engineering
  • Home life
  • Housing and living conditions
  • Local government
  • Transport
  • War


  • Educational


  • Glasgow Corporation


  • Glasgow civics


  • 1940s


Reference number: 0317

Date: 1949

Sponsor: Glasgow Corporation Education Committee

Production company: Thames and Clyde

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10 mins

Description: Traces the progress of corporation housing in Glasgow from tenement homes to metal-framed buildings and the models for high-rise flats.

One of the Glasgow Civics Series of educational films.
Book of the same name accompanies the series.

Relates to issues proposed in the Bruce Report 1945 - a plan for the complete deconstruction of the existing Victorian city centre in order to create an new 'healthy and beautiful city' of modern archictecture.

Shotlist: Credits (.19) The story of the largest house factors in Scotland. Boy puts rabbits into their hutches (.45) Shots of back closes, grubby children and stray animals (1.02) To be healthy and happy, human beings, just like rabbits, need lots of space and light and air. Shots of row of new houses, a swing park and children on roundabout (1.30) Thousands of Glasgow families today urgently require houses because the two world wars have seriously hindered building. Page of adverts from the "Scottish Homefinder" (2.01) In reply to one advert one young couple consult a solicitor (2.16) The Housing Department is the largest single house providing agency in Scotland. It owns almost a quarter of the houses in the city. Shots of bus and housing in Knightswood, and houses and a tram in Mosspark (2.36) Pan of city from suburban hilltop. A bus in Penilee. Long shot of rooftops (3.01) Corporation houses are designed for every family. Gvs pre-fab, semi-detached, tenement rows, old folks' home with elderly couple sitting outside the building, a new block of flats (4.29) Though a great amount has been achieved, the housing problem is still very serious. However it is being tackled vigorously. Shots of designers in drawing office (5.02) Virgin site is prepared for construction. Shots of earth movers, cranes and skips as houses begin to go up. Bricklayers at work (5.40) Furniture removal van and men (6.09) New methods, materials and designs are being used in house building. Shots on site of metal-framed building and construction of same (7.14) Blocks of foam slag are used instead of brick and stone. Shots of conveyor and machinery hoisting the blocks into position. Foam slag is secured by workmen (8.34) Blocks of flats will be built ten-storey high. Shots of model of large block of flats to be built at Berryknowes Road (9.19) Largely as a result of the Housing Department's activities, Glasgow of tomorrow will be a very different city from Glasgow of today. Shots of various streets, housing, buses, etc. (10.06) ecs (10.13)

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