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Steelmaking and shipbuilding on the Clyde, Glasgow - forgings and castings are machined, and a crankshaft for marine engine turned in engineering shop. (clip) [74960405]

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  • Ceremonies
  • Employment, industry and industrial relations
  • Ships and shipping
  • Transport


  • Educational


  • DALRYMPLE, J. Blake
  • ELDER, John C


  • Gbi geography of scotland


  • 1930s


Reference number: 0500

Date: 1937

Director: d. J.C. Elder

Production company: GB Instructional Ltd.

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 6 mins

Description: Steelmaking and shipbuilding on the Clyde, Glasgow.

Sound version (sound effects and voice-over only) released theatrically under the title "Caledonian Series". Captions mute. For review of film see Scottish Educational Film Review Volume 1, Review No. 63.

See Teaching notes held at Scottish Screen Archive.

Credits: Made in collaboration with a panel of Scottish teachers
[ph. J Blake Dalrymple]

Shotlist: Credits (.21); Interior shots of steel works as pig iron is fed into a furnace, run off into ladles and poured into moulds. Ingots are pressed into shape. Forgings and castings are machined, and a crankshaft for a marine engine is turned in the engineering shop (3.20); Shots of shipyards on the River Clyde viewed from the river. General shots of ship construction (4.51); A launching table is uncovered, the bottle is set up. Shots of the launch itself and the boat entering the water (5.32); Scenes of river traffic (5.55); Profile of the "Queen Mary" (6.26); ecs (6.28)

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