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Warnings of minefields encompassing the fishing waters of the Atlantic Trawler. (clip) [74960435]

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  • 1940s


Reference number: 0545

Date: 1944

Director: d. Frank Sainsbury

Sponsor: Ministry of Information

Production company: Realist Film Unit

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.39 mins

Description: Trawlers at work; the crew on board and landing a catch. The fishing crew are seen with their families on shore shopping and enjoying themselves in the pub.

Life aboard a West Coast trawler under arduous and dangerous wartime conditions.

Credits: p. John Taylor
ph. A E Jeakins, H E Fowle, Cyril Phillips
sc. Frank Sainsbury
comm. s. W Bland
sd. Ken Cameron, Jack May
m. William Alwyn

Shotlist: Credits (.36); In peacetime fishermen's lives are hard and dangerous. In wartime, all their best ships and many of their young men are in the Navy. Those who are left must face not only the ordinary dangers of the sea and storm, but enemy aircraft, floating mines, U-boats and the minefields that cover their old fishing grounds. Shots of a steam trawler at work. General views of trawler and deck (1.28); Crew discuss jammed machine gun (2.51); Shots of women on pier mending nets and gutting fish (3.22); Trawler in heavy seas. Various shots of deck, wheelhouse, trawl and gear. Charts showing position of minefields (5.53); General shots of crew, one using a sextant, interior of boiler and engine room, in the galley at mealtime (7.52); Various shots of trawlers at the quay as catch is landed and packed into hold (10.06); Crew in bunks (10.32); Shots of wives collecting pay on shore. General views of street (10.59) On deck repairing trawl (11.46); General views of sea and crew at work (14.24); Shots of others, naval and fishing vessels (15.08); Various shots of the crew ashore, shopping with their families, in the pub, playing cards and strolling. General shots of streets, possibly in Grimsby (16.06); The skipper visits office to settle the next trip and the areas which have to be visited. Official warns of minefields (16.49); Crewmen and families. Various shots of streets, parks and shops, a billiard hall and card table (18.39); General views of shore (18.56); Shots of trawlers in harbour, crew arrive on board vessel, "Flying Admiral" H66, and the skipper prepares to set sail (20.27); The steam trawler "Hondo" on which this film was made went back to sea with a different crew. She was lost with all hands (20.40)

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