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  • Glasgow


  • Education
  • Sporting activities


  • Local topical


  • HART, James


  • 1910s


Reference number: 0809

Date: 1917, May 5

Director: [attributed to James Hart]

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 9.49 mins

Description: Coverage of Glasgow Academy Sports Day on 5th May, 1917. Includes footage of flat races, high jump, three legged race and prize giving.

Shotlist: title Crowded spectators in pavilion and around playing fields (.27); Flat race - 200 yards - boys under eleven (.30); Shot of race from behind winning post (.50); Flat race - 150 yards 1st English (Senior) (.54); Shot of race from behind winning tape (1.06); Unidentified flat race (1.20); Flat race - 100 yards - school final (1.23); Shot of race from behind tape (1.30); Broad jump - school final (1.31); Four boys in succession attempt to win the long jump final (1.41); High jump school final (1.44); Shots of ten attempts at the high jump (2.10); Unidentified flat race (2.19); 200 yards three-legged race - handicap - school (2.22); Shot of race again from behind winning tape (2.34); Tug o'war. (3.32); Shots of crowds standing around edge of playing fields (4.10); Flat Race - Quarter Mile - Handicap, Boys under thirteen gvs same; Flat race - quarter mile - handicap - senior school (4.30); Closing stages of this race as winner crosses the line (4.39); Hurdle race - 400 yards - 1st and 2nd English (4.42); Low benches are used as hurdles in the race; Sack Race - over hurdles - 100 yards - school gvs same (there is a pipe band marching to the far right of the shot) (6.08) Presentation of the prize certificates (6.11); Prizes are presented from table in front of the crowded pavilion (6.24); Shot of spectators around the edge of the playing fields (6.33)

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