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Young woman hefts bundle of hay on her back, farm manual work such as tattie howkin’, woman carrying buckets to the house. (clip) [74960746]

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  • Highlands, the


  • Arts and crafts
  • Agriculture


  • Educational


  • DALRYMPLE, J. Blake
  • ELDER, John C


  • 1930s


Reference number: 0928

Date: 1936

Director: d. John C. Elder

Production company: Gaumont British Instructional Films

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 7.34 mins

Description: A family at work on their highland farm; harvesting, shearing sheep, collecting peat and spinning wool.

Part I of THE HIGHLANDS OF SCOTLAND, preserved by the NFTVA. Also known as one in the Caledonian Series for theatrical distribution. See SEFR Volume 1, Review No. 59, for review of film. See additional info. file 11/1/221.

Credits: ph. J. Blake Dalrymple

Shotlist: credits - title - c/u map of Great Britain, zoom in to Scotland - HIGHLANDS outlined on map (0.56) gvs Highland hillsides, mountains and valleys (1.56) shot of old croft with thatched roof, the lady occupant - shots of men harvesting in the fields with scythes, crofter sharpening scythe blade (3.07) women gather and carry bale of hay to the croft - shots of crofters picking potatoes, girl and baby at croft, woman collecting water at well - shots of dog and sheep in fields and on hillsides (5.17) shots of sheep being sheared with hand clippers - shots of woman spinning wool outside croft (6.18) shots of man at weaving loom - shots of woman taking peat into house - gvs landscape, crofter leading cow along road - ecs (7.34)

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