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  • COCOZZA, Enrico


  • 1940s


Reference number: 1116

Date: 1949

Director: filmed by Enrico Cocozza

Production company: Supramont Pictures

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 11.08 mins

Description: Fictional story of a young man and woman who fall in love on a ferry trip to Anglesey.

Filmed during the BFI Summer School, 1949.

See Paper Archives 3/7.

Credits: With Norah Traylen, George Rees, Alan Davis, Roderick Ravenscraig, Henry Crouch, and BFI Film School extras. Starring Sheila Rioghbhardain and Leslie Hardcastle.
Any similarity is quite intentional

Shotlist: [Please note this film is shotlisted at 25fps but actually runs at what looks like 18fps]

Credits. Shots of passengers paying at a turnstile (0.59); Dark haired woman and man sit together on ferry, intercut with shots of other passengers looking on (2.53) The ferry disembarks (3.02) Man and woman walk off into town separately after speaking briefly (3.38) Shots of woman entering Beaumaris castle, pan over castle ext. (4.26) Man enters castle, woman laughs to see him there. Shots of castle (5.13) Couple leave castle and walk to a pier, shots of boats (5.54) Other passengers (6.11) Ferry returns passengers smile at the couple; shots of Anglesey coast (7.14) Man offers woman his coat (7.45) Shots of a larger boat (8.03) THE END (8.16)

[Total running time at 18fps is 11.08 mins]

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