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  • Lanarkshire


  • Arts and crafts


  • Amateur
  • Horror


  • COCOZZA, Enrico
  • Scottish Amateur Film Festival (SAFF)


  • 1940s


Reference number: 1170

Date: 1948

Director: filmed by Enrico Cocozza

Production company: Supramont Pictures

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 31.28 mins

Description: A fictional story of a Dracula-type character who terrorises the Coltness Estate in Wishaw.

Prize Winning Film at the 1949 Scottish Amateur Film Festival.

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Credits: Filmed on Coltness Estate Wishaw
Enrico Cocozza Presentation
The motorist Bill Pender
The girl Edith Kay
The boy Tom McLaughlin
The evil one Enrico Cocozza
The old man Roderick Ravenscraig
The angler George Cuthbertson
sc. James Thomson
p. and d. Enrico Cocozza and James Thomson
continuity Pat Harrower

Shotlist: Credits. Fictional story as Dracula-type character terrorises the Coltness Estate in Wishaw (mostly scenes of the country) ecs (31.28)

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