Full record for 'FOCUS ON BRIDGETON: Some Aspects of the Work of the East Glasgow Mission'

Views inside the iron works of Sir William Arrol & Co., Dalmarnock. This is followed by views of the tenements and back courts at James Street and Landressy Street, where workers would have lived. (clip) [74959241]

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Title: FOCUS ON BRIDGETON: Some Aspects of the Work of the East Glasgow Mission

Reference number: 1252

Date: 1948 - 1949

Director: filmed by William McKissock

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.30 mins

Description: Compiled and directed by the Revd. Ewart W. Lewis showing some aspects of the work of the East Glasgow Mission, Bridgeton. Brief sequence as Boys Brigade give display on vaulting horse.

The Methodist Hall is on the site of the former Greenhead Halls, once frequently played by Harry Lauder.

Credits: Compiled and d. Revd. Ewart W. Lewis, B.A.

Shotlist: Credits (.15); Pan left to right of Glasgow City Chambers and George Square (.26); Looking west along Argyle Street towards Central Bridge (.34); Looking east along Argyle Street towards Tron Church (.44); Wide shot of Bridgeton Cross (.52); Shot over rooftops of Glasgow from Bridgeton (1.11); Exterior shot of James Templeton building at Glasgow Green (1.32); Gvs of Sir William Arrol's Dalmarnock works (2.03); Exterior shot of workman's dwelling at the back of James Street (2.15); Backs of tenements at Landressy Street (2.26); Exterior of the Methodist Church in Landressy Street (2.39); Children singing and Bible reading in Sunday school. Choir of teenage girls (3.56); Girl Guides and Brownies skipping around the toadstool and marching (4.48); Brownies and Girl Guides dancing, playing with dolls, practising semaphore, skipping and giving display of PE and Highland dancing (5.44); Children dressed as fairies dancing, girls playing leap frog and giving a display of vaulting (6.12); Marching display by Girl Guides (6.36); Life Boys are inspected by the Captain, Samuel Glass [possibly related to Pastor Glass]. He checks to see if the boys' hands are clean (7.04); Marching display and boys doing PE (8.31); Boys Brigade give display on vaulting horse (8.47); Boys and girls playing badminton, debating, playing snooker and table tennis (9.33); Women's tea party and children in nursery (10.29); Gvs men's club and men playing dominoes, snooker and table tennis (11.00); Bible reading class for women (11.37); Pensioners' club (12.22); Buses parked outside church hall. People boarding (12.34); Buses en route for Balloch (12.52); Boat passing under Balloch bridge (13.01); Pan right to left of senior citizens enjoying their outing (13.18); Pipe band leads procession to picnic area (13.38); Races for boys, girls, women and men. Pipe band and shots of people sitting under a tree (13.57); Pipe band leads party back to Balloch station and the train leaving for home (14.24); Old folks and children's Christmas parties (15.54); Gvs dramatised wedding (17.22); Girl delivers leaflets in Greenhead Street. Minister talks to church staff (18.04).

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