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  • Food and drink
  • Media, communication and the creative industries
  • Agriculture


  • Advertising


  • 1970s


Reference number: 1256

Date: 1955c / 1972c

Sponsor: Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society

Sound: sound

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 6.39 mins

Description: Compilation of Co-op adverts for shoes, margarine, porridge oats, flour and bread.

Shotlist: [No credits] [B&W] Shoe advert with close-up of ladies' and gents' shoes, "Triona" for women, and "Morven" sports and business shoes for men (1.08); Bluebell margarine advertised at 10 1/2d per 1/2 lb. (1.33) Cogent cigarette advert 'The Cigarette Masterpiece' (1.40) Lofty Peak flour kitchen set advertising flour (2.23) Wheatsheaf bread, man delivering bread, and kids singing (2.49) -blank- (2.50) Advertising SP sauce at one shilling "including bottle" (3.30) Musical cartoon for shopping at the Co-op (4.00) Buy Co-op for Value Furniture, animated advert Furniture, Children's Wear, Men's Wear, Knitwear, Cogent Cigarettes (4.30) another musical cartoon for the Co-op 'Co-op for Value' (5.01) another musical cartoon for the Co-op (5.31) -blank- (5.34) [COL] Advert for new supermarkets - ints supermarket where a man speaks about the improvements to the Co-op; 'all the well-known brands are here', but 'Still the shop your Granny went to' "You've a friend at the Co-op" (6.07) -blank- (6.08) [COL] Advert for supermarket shot inside a supermarket, Mrs Duncan is glad to be back shopping at the Co-op, she couldn't find Co-op value anywhere else! (6.39)

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