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  • Outer Hebrides


  • Arts and crafts
  • Fish and fishing
  • Home life
  • Housing and living conditions
  • Ships and shipping
  • Transport


  • Amateur
  • Travelogue


  • 1950s

Title: BARRA

Reference number: 1655

Date: 1955c

Director: filmed by T.H. Thoms

Sound: silent

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10.28 mins

Description: Scenes on the island of Barra; Castlebay and the MacNeil's Kisimul Castle, the Bay of Traigh Vais, shell gathering and crofting.

Shotlist: Credits (0.05); Shot of map of North West of Scotland showing Barra (0.12); Panning shot of coast town (0.18); Shots of the ferry "Claymore" and her passengers (0.23); Shots of Tobermory (0.26); More shots of the ferry and looking at the islands (0.40); Shots of Tiree (0.47); More shots of the island from the ferry (0.50); The Port of Barra is Castlebay at the South End of the Island (0.53); Sailing into Castlebay and long shots of the fort and island (0.31); About ten miles North of Castlebay is Eoligarry where there is an old harbour (0.34); Shot of map of Barra (0.38); Shot of signpost showing Castlebay, Northbay Airport, Eoligarry and Scurrival (0.41); Long shots of countryside and sea on the island (2.,12); Shots of two boys playing down by the sea (2.20); The coastline at Eoligarry and most of the west coast is a series of sandy bays (2.24); Shots of beaches and the sea (2.40); In summer, there are daily air services from Renfrew, the plane landing on Cockleshell Bay at low water (2.44); Shots of the BEA plane coming into land, passengers getting off and the plane taking off again (3.52); Kisimul Castle at Castlebay is the home of MacNeil of Barra and is worth a visit if only to be greeted by the MacNeil himself (6.58); Shots of the Castle and visitors (4.12); The Bay of Traigh Vais extends for over a mile in length with high sand dunes along the back of the beach (4.16); Shots of the beach and two boys playing on it (4.42). The children have plenty of room on the beaches for games and fun among the dunes (4.45); Shots of children playing on the beach (5.12); The beaches are safe and ideal for bathing (5.12); Shots of children bathing (6.00); Extensive views are obtained from the tops of numerous hills (6.03); Long shots of Barra from the hilltops (6.36); The old and the new are side by side (6.40); Shots of old crofts and new cottages (7.03); Shots of graves on the hillside (7.09); Crofting is the main occupation of the islanders (7.11); Shots of crofts and castle; farmer making haystacks (7.34); The only industry on the island is the processing of shells for poultry food. Sir Compton McKenzie's old house has become the factory (7.37); Shots of same and shall gatherers on the beach with processors (8.21); The island is a favourite haunt of artists (8.24); Shots of sketchers (8.30); Fish are plentiful around the shores and promise good sport (8.34); Shots of boys fishing off the pier and in a small rowing boat (9.20); A trip by motor boat north east to Friskay on a good day is a favourite outing (9.22); Shot of map pointing to Eriskay (9.25); Shot of boat and cutaways of Eriskay (10.08); Another memorable day on Barra ends as the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean (10.12); Shots of sunset over the island (10.28)

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