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A spiteful witch casts a ‘disappearing’ spell over some unsuspecting picnickers. Watch out for some camera trickery by the Bearsden Film Club... (clip) [74960060]

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  • Emotions, attitudes and behaviour
  • Leisure and recreation


  • Amateur
  • Fantasy


  • 1930s


Reference number: 1702

Date: 1933

Director: filmed by the Bearsden Film Club

Sponsor: Bearsden Film Club

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 7.00 mins

Description: A drama involving witches casting a spell over a group of picnickers.

Credits: cast members of Bearsden Film Club

Shotlist: Credits (0.14); Going for a picnic. Group of people pile into two cars. They set off (0.57); If you believe in fairies please clap your hands! Thank you. If you can believe in fairies you can believe in witches. Shots of wooded picnic spot by a loch. "Wicked witch" lurks behind tree. Picnickers appear and lay out their rugs and food (2.35); Some people go to picnics for a light meal in the open air. Some on the other hand go because somebody else is going. A couple leave the rest of the party (3.07); Spells! The witch casts a spell. Sandwiches disappear and then re-appear some yards away. One of the men tries to catch hold of them. Other things begin to vanish into thin air (4.31); Go whence you came, intruding mortals! Witch makes members of the party disappear one by one. The couple return, see the witch and run to their car (5.42); Party re-appears on the ground where they started out from as the car drives up (6.10); The End (6.13)

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