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  • 1920s


Reference number: 1728

Date: [1925?]

Production company: Gaumont

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 9.40 mins

Description: The unveiling of Kirkcaldy War Memorial and the ceremonial tree planting ceremony by Admiral Lord Wester Wemyss. The general public enjoy a fete.

Includes external shots of the Rialto in Kirkcaldy, which later became the Gaumont, and then the Odeon Cinema. The building was destroyed in a fire in 1974.

Shotlist: [Note - Shotlisted at 24fps. Total running time at actual speed of 16fps is 15.06 mins]

Credits (0.02); Official film. General views of crowds around site of memorial in Kirkcaldy (0.27); Parade of soldiers and veterans to memorial (1.40); Arrival of Admiral Lord Wester Wemyss, GCB, CMC. General views of parade, Admiral and civic dignitaries. Platform party. General views of assembly (2.50); Spectators (2.11); The memorial is unveiled. General views assembly (2.50); Lest ye forget. Laying of wreaths. Townspeople file past the memorial. (3.22); Planting of tree by Admiral Lord Wester Wemyss, GCB, CMC. Shot of same (4.12); File past memorial continues. Crowds at tree, including a Boys' Brigade group (4.43); Scenes of interest at Raith Grand Fete. Glorious outlook from Raith House. General views of people in grounds of house and shots of facade of building (5.10); View from Raith Tower. Shot down to house and grounds (5.28); Shots of people at fete in grounds (5.55); Colonel Lindsay, Viscount Navar, Mayor Douglas. Shot of same together (6.07); General views of football match in field (6.30); Long shot of fete and various stalls and activities, eg coconut shy, rifle range, hoops (8.15); Tracking shot from a car of pedestrians in town street, probably Kirkcaldy (9.14); Foyer of Rialto cinema; bill reads "One Night In Rome". Commissionaire and spectators (9.36); Brief shot looking out from cinema (9.40).

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