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This ‘food flash’ circulated by the government around 1944 persuades the viewer to be thrifty, and that cans of milk and jam are just as good as bottles. (clip) [74961145]

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  • Food and drink
  • Media, communication and the creative industries
  • War


  • Public information


  • 1940s


Reference number: 1770

Date: 1944c

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 1.20 mins

Description: Government trailer attempting to instill the virtue of the wise shopper and saver during wartime, promoting National Savings Certificates, and the use of skimmed milk from the USA.

Shotlist: No credits. The wise shopper (.05); Shot of Mrs Jones coming up the road with heavy shopping (.14); Mrs Jones unpacks her rations and her husband's shoes (.24); Mrs Jones takes out her National Savings Certificates Book, looks at it and holds it up to the camera. Keep on saving (.40); Ministry of Food Flash. National Household Canned Dried Machine Skimmed Milk from USA, one for each ration book every eight weeks (.50); Shot of woman opening the tin of milk (.58); Ministry of Food Flash. Shot of canned gooseberry jam (1.06); Shots of canned jam being carried by transport workers, stacked by tradesman and set out by a storekeeper (1.16); Shot of two drunks supporting each other (1.20).

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