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Wedding of the Watson Turnbulls (?) The bride and groom stand for photographs and depart by car. Guests mill about. (clip) [74961199]

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Man prepares hot bran for hens, child and cats, hens follow man with buckets. (clip) [74961202]

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  • Education
  • Fish and fishing


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  • 1940s


Reference number: 1984

Date: 1940c

Director: [filmed by Thomas Smith Wylie]

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.24 minsc

Description: This 9.5mm film of various scenes and events including herring boats at sea, a steamer pulling up to Carradale pier and the catching of a basking shark. [At present only Reel 2 is available on VHS and Digibeta tape: see also 16mm copy of Reel 2]

Shotlist: [Shotlist derived from viewing and from notes found in the can]

REEL 1 (9.5mm)
No credits. c/u details of celtic sculpture in graveyard; Wedding of the Watson Turnbulls? Family shots. Carradale, Argyllshire. Brief scenes of Johnnie Campbell's herring boats and kipperers at sea [possibly illegal daylight fishing by ring-net]. Steamer pulls up to pier. Family in garden, Wylie's father seating himself, mother bringing drinks. Wylie and his uncle Lachie. Wylie's father and uncle playing draughts, mother reads. Jimmy Howie with monkey. Burnfoot farm, hens in yard. Sawmill at Tarbert. Carradale, Columba Hotel. Steamer. Family on picnics etc. Church tearoom. Hotel grounds. Shark fishing. Boat (CN144) hauling in net. Basking shark being cut up on seashore. General views of shark being sliced and processed. Man holds up bottle [shark oil?] (approx. 10 minutes).

REEL 2 (16mm)
No credits. c/u details of celtic sculpture in graveyard (0.54) Saddell Abbey, Saddell Castle [Carradale] (1.07) Shots of shark fishing trawler with shark lying alongside. On deck, crew boil shark's liver (2.14) Landing catch at Carradale old pier (2.42) Long shot to trawler (2.54) Edinburgh, general views of traffic and people in Princes Street and the gardens (3.07) Norman Bolland, naval architect and friend of Wylie, on path up to house (3.20) Interior of the Royal Technical College in Glasgow, the Natural Philosophy lab. Group of three men [left to right: Bob Gilliland, unidentified and Owen Brooks] (3.52) Wylie's uncle at microscope; c/u lens (4.03) Wylie's father in garden taking in the washing (4.24) 119ft

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