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  • Emotions, attitudes and behaviour
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Sporting activities


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  • 1950s


Reference number: 2150

Date: 1958

Director: [filmed by Ben H. Humble]

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10 mins

Description: Made to commemorate the 50th Jubilee of the Ladies' Scottish Climbing Club, the film shows a reconstruction of women climbers from 1908 dressed in Edwardian climbing gear.

Humble papers deposited in National Library of Scotland. Further information can be found at
http://www.nls.uk/catalogues/online/snpc/detail.cfm?id=73&keyword=&subjectid=87&collection=73&passedsubject=-99&passedcollection=73&passedkeyword= [last accessed 2/11/2011]

Additional information file held at Scottish Screen Archive. See "The Voice of the Hills: The Story of Ben Humble" by Roy M Humble (chapter 6).

Shotlist: No credits. Members of the Ladies Scottish Climbing Club [Betty Stark, Peggy Carlaw nŽe Rae, Elma Wrench] dressed in 1908 Edwardian costume climbing [Jenny's Lung in the Campsies.] Shots of ladies wearing climbing breeches and nailed boots under skirts, which are left at the foot of the hill before beginning the climb. Comedy sequence at end where ladies [Hazel Scott and Rona Dickson, later Mrs Tom Weir] dressed in 1958 style of climbing gear meet the 1908 climbers (10.00).

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