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Reference number: 2194

Date: 1936

Director: [filmed by James Blair]

Sound: silent

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 3.35 mins

Description: Clyde docks and various vessels on the river including the "Mauretania", and the "Queen Mary" leaving the Clyde after fitting out.

Roll B features the Cunard liner 'Queen Mary leaving the Clyde after fitting out in March 1936. It was shot by amateur film maker James Blair on brand new 16mm Kodachrome colour film stock, supplies of which had just arrived in Glasgow that month.

Shotlist: Roll A
No credits. [B & W] Shots of and from deck of large Swedish sailing vessel, "Lavenir (?) of Mariehan" (?) (.45); Shots from small boat as it circles the liner "Mauretania" (1.36); Man on deck of a liner (1.46); Clyde docks. Shots of liner at quayside, possibly the "Empress of Britain" (2.04) 54ft

Roll B
[Colour] shot of RMS Queen Mary in fitting out basin on 2nd March 1936, taken from opposite bank. (0.17) Shots of liner progressing down river from around Erskine. L/s past crowds of spectators on the river bank. Slightly closer shot as cameraman moves down towards the waterÕs edge (1.04) crowd follow vessel along waterÕs edge. Liner passes by (1.31) 41ft @ 18fps

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