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  • Edinburgh
  • Stirlingshire


  • Home life
  • Housing and living conditions
  • Tourism and travel
  • Water and waterways


  • Documentary
  • Sponsored
  • Promotional


  • Films of Scotland Committee


  • 1970s


Reference number: 2379

Date: 1972

Director: d. Mark Littlewood

Sponsor: Films of Scotland, Stirling Town Council, Stirling University and National Trust for Scotland

Production company: Campbell Harper Films

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 23 mins

Description: The town of Stirling and its surrounding area.

See production file.

Credits: comm.w. George Bruce
narr. Tom Fleming
ph. Mark Littlewood

Shotlist: Please note Reel 1 only accessible on video format

visuals Carse of Stirling with l/s Stirling Castle and Wallace Monument (1.00) c/u masonry work of Castle and wood carvings in Castle (2.44) pan King's Park and Carse of Stirling (3.00) shot Stirling Bridge and river Forth (4.02) shot of two wee boys and girl with fishing rods crossing Stirling Bridge (4.16) aerial shot of Wallace Monument, c/u shots of masonry and view from top of monument (5.21) shot of unveiling ceremony of the Statue of Robert the Bruce by Queen Elizabeth II (5.58) c/u statue (6.24) shots of Cambuskenneth Abbey and c/u stonemasons at work in Great Hall of Stirling Castle (8.29) ext. shots of Great Hall (8.47) shot of Church of Holy Rude (9.02) c/u statue of John Cowand (9.12) shot of backpackers looking at ext. of Mar's Wark (10.05) ext. Argyll's Ludging [now youth hostel] with shot of guests being shown exterior (11.12) aerials Stirling town (11.25) ext. old Town Hall and new Town Hall (11.41) ext. Tolbooth (11.48) shots of new houses in the old town, the Mercat Cross and renovated old houses (12.53) street scenes - shoppers and traffic (13.58) tracking shots of farm land (14.42) shot of vintage car on road (14.5) int. shots of c/u of vintage cars in Doune Car Museum (15.36) c/u shots of driver getting ready for Doune hill race (16.01) shots of race, intercut with shots of spectators (16.45) l/s Stirling Castle (16.53) shots of Blair Drummond Safari Park - giraffes, holidaymakers, chimps, seals, baboons, lions (19.20)

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