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  • 1930s

Title: (GAME OF BOWLS, a )

Reference number: 2621

Date: 1939

Sound: silent

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 3.38 mins

Description: A game of bowls at the Whitevale and Kingswood Bowling Clubs, Glasgow.

Shotlist: [Note the total running time at actual speed 16fps is 3.38 mins. Shotlisted at 24fps.]

[COL] A Game of Bowls as the Guests of Whitevale Bowling Club Aug. 1939 (0.10) shots of men playing bowls, including c/u's game being decided using a ruler (1.52) [BW] A Game of Bowls as the Guests of Kingswood Bowling Club June 1939 (2.02) Group shot of participants (2.06) gvs men and women playing bowls and stopping for an ice-cream (2.23) shot of small group (2.32) William Girvan and Archie Goold take it seriously (2.37) [slow motion] men playing bowls (3.06) shots of man and two women (3.14) Mr and Mrs Ogilvie presented a cup for Competition (3.18) gvs same (3.32) The Cup handed over to the winning Rink by Mr Marks (3.39) shot of group outside Bowling club building; presentation of cup to men, then ladies (4.46) The Organiser Mr Marks, Mr Ball Mr Ogilvie, and Mr Anderson (4.54) gvs same, drinking from presentation cup (5.11) ms men climbing onto a Glasgow Corporation double decker bus (5.29)

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