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Benno Schotz welding with sheets of bronze - a technique learnt from his time as an engineer in John Brown’s shipyards. The final shot shows a close up of a welded bronze mask of Michelangelo he has created. (clip) [74958743]

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  • 1970s

Title: BENNO SCHOTZ: Sculptor and Modeller

Reference number: 2682

Date: 1973

Director: d. Eddie McConnell (as Ed McConnell)

Sponsor: Educational Films of Scotland

Production company: IFA (Scotland)

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 18.00 mins

Description: The sculptor Benno Schotz at work in his studio in Glasgow, and demonstrating his technique. The film examines his working methods and the themes running through his work. Much of his work is as a modeller in bronze and metals, and as a sculptor of stone, wood, iron and plastic.

Archive holds production stills, commentary and script.

See also ref. 6828 for footage concerning Benno Schotz.

Credits: spoken by Michael Elder
ph. Eddie McConnell (as Ed McConnell)

Shotlist: title (0.09) c/u sculpture in bronze depicting goalkeeper for Celtic Football Club in 1968 (0.50) c/u play of light over surfaces, studies of human head including sculpture of Hugh MacDiarmid, poet (1.24) c/u woman's face. gvs Benno Schotz modelling in clay, building up the clay from the basic egg shape. He commentates as he starts to model - he can have it cast in plaster or in bronze or baked it in terracotta. He always works a little bigger than real life. Comments on how being a sculptor is a natural gift (5.20) c/u finished head of Lord Boyd Orr, cast in bronze (5.43) Benno Schotz walking in park, speaking about how he takes inspiration from trees, or a piece of driftwood. He shows sketches. How a piece of flotsam he brought back from the dead sea is a form of 'heavenly sculpture' (7.35) c/u bronze figure (7.56) shot of an outdoor figure 'Alice and the Red Queen' in plastic metal - it stands in St. Theresa's School, Glasgow (8.13) shot of an eleven foot high sculpture 'The Window on the World', Vale of Leven Academy (8.52) ints c/u 'The Dancers'; cement on iron linked figures (9.10) c/u another sculpture (9.29) Benno talks about drawings trees or stones, a starting point for sculpture. discusses inspiration from a pebble and the finished sculpture called 'The Captives' (11.18) Benno at work, mask on. He is shown welding with sheets of bronze (12.29) c/u welded bronze mask of Michaelangelo (12.45) shaped and welded bronze piece - 'Dedication' (13.13) a welded bronze high altar cross (13.39) c/u Our Lady's Altar Piece (13.55) sculpture in stone 'Mother and Child' (14.22) 'The Fank Offering' (14.37) 'The Lament' in wood (14.52) he continues to sculpt in clay the model of the lady at start of film (16.56) gvs various sculptures, Benno talks about the importance of sculpture and his growing enthusiasm for the art form as he grows older (17.39) ecs (18.00)

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