Racks of oysters are prepared in the factory and taken out by boat to oyster beds in the loch. (clip) [74959322]

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  • Outer Hebrides


  • Arts and crafts
  • Celts and celtic culture
  • Housing and living conditions
  • Leisure and recreation
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  • Transport
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  • 1970s


Reference number: 3065

Date: 1976c

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.35 mins

Description: The Callanish standing stones, crofting, weaving and the farming of oysters on the island of Lewis. [Rushes only].

Shotlist: no credits. shot of harbour [unidentified] with fishing boats (0.13) shots of an open cast mine with men and machinery at work (2.44) [blank] (3.02) shot of British Airways plane landing at Stornoway and passengers disembarking (3.42) [blank] (3.46) shot of people on ferry and of vehicles driving off and passengers disembarking (4.26) shot of Stornoway [?] harbour (4.36) shot of Dun Carloway broch [?] (4.57) shot of Callanish standing stones (5.04) views of cultivated fields and shot of woman raking cut grass outside her bed & breakfast (5.29) int. of man working loom in his croft (5.45) shot of crofts - one with thatched roof (6.05) shot of car driving towards beach and gvs beach with one or two people on it (6.54) [blank] (7.16) shot of sheepdog herding sheep (7.45) fleece being put into vat of dye and shots of men sorting wool and of wool in weaving machines (9.19) shot of van arriving outside croft and driver unloading bags of wool and taking them inside croft (9.50) ints. of man weaving using treadle weaving machine and weaving tweed (10.23) shots of women trimming tweed and of tweed in machines and women marking finished product with a stamp "Harris Tweed, woven in Lewis" (11.14) [blank] (11.33) shots of an oyster farm with c/u of oysters being glued onto racks and taken out to sea to the oyster "beds" (15.35)

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