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  • 1970s


Reference number: 3141

Date: 1974

Director: w. & d. Douglas Eadie

Sponsor: Scottish Arts Council and Films of Scotland

Production company: Ogam Films

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 22.21 mins

Description: The Gaelic poet Sorley Maclean recites his poetry and discusses his work with fellow writer Iain Crichton Smith.

See production file.

Credits: "Nuair Bha Mi Og" sung by Dolina Maclennan
nar. Iain Agnew
sd. rec. Alex Brown
ed. Brian Crumlish
camera Martin Singleton
p. man. Oscar Marzaroli

Shotlist: c/u Sorley Maclean reading his poetry (0.14) c/u of Irish pipes being played; title overlay (0.43) c/u Sorley reading a poem at a ceilidh [including Aly Bain sitting in audience and Dolina McLennan introducing] (2.34) shots of men cutting peat on Raasay (4.10) ints. classroom of Gaelic speaking learners (6.18) Iain Crichton Smith talks about the importance of the writing of Sorley Maclean as he sits in a car driving onto a ferry (6.49) l/s cars driving off ferry on Skye (3.08) tracking shot road and countryside on Skye (8.40) ints. car (9.00) car driving up to house on Skye and Crichton Smith and driver of car disembark to meet Sorley and go into his house (9.57) l/s view of Skye looking onto Raasay (10.31) Sorley Maclean and Iain Crichton Smith in sitting room discussing the demise of the Gaelic language (13.43) gvs mountain on Skye (14.29) Sorley Maclean and Iain Crichton Smith taking a boat ride over to Raasay with v/o of Sorley talking about the influence of Raasay on his writing, with shot of them arriving on Raasay (17.49) graveyard on Raasay (19.09) sheep shearing on Raasay (20.42) Sorley reading his poetry at ceilidh [Aly Bain, folk musician is amongst the audience] (21.32) views of derelict croft and landscape of Raasay (22.21)

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