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ARP wardens carry out training exercises with tear gas canisters, volunteers put out fires, firefighters use mobile apparatus to pump water from a burn and volunteers carry people on stretchers. (clip) [102826891]

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An outdoor inspection of Civil Defence volunteers by Sir Steven Bilsland and a demonstration of fire-fighting with a stirrup pump. (clip) [102826893]

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Reference number: 3348

Date: 1942

Director: [filmed by Ewen Jeen]

Sound: silent

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20.00 mins

Description: Demonstrations of various civil defence and military units during World War 2. (20 mins)

Can marked 'Bearsden march past, Part 3', possibly related to ref 3349 HOME GUARD EXERCISE. Paper archive file has extensive notes on both films.

Shotlist: War Weapons Week 1942 March Past. Various civil defence and military units marching in streetes of Bearsden? (3.42) NFS Auxiliary fire service personnel Platform guests c/ups various individuals (5.00) NFS and Rescue Work demonstration of fire service and air raid personnel at work (6.49) OPX Observation post atop building. View from the post and with two wardens on duty. (10.00) ARP, HG, NFS exercise using tear gas. Gv's same. Units on manouevres in streets and in Thorn Park, Bearsden (11.09) Inspection by Sir Steven Bilsland BART gv's civil defence units being inspected (16.55) 1943 CD Inspection by Sir S Bilsland BT gv's same The End (20.00)

[N.B. Shotlisted at 18fps from video copy]

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