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A young woman impresses her friend with her new coat, which she has bought with her Co-op dividends. (clip) [74958062]

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  • Emotions, attitudes and behaviour


  • Promotional


  • 1950s


Reference number: 3475

Date: late 1950s

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 0.41 secs

Description: Co-op tv advert showing the benefits of the Co-op's dividend scheme to two Scottish women.

For further information see "The British Co-operative Movement Film Catalogue" compiled and edited by Alan Burton 1997.

Shotlist: women sitting in a living room with her coat on waiting for her friend as they are about to go on a shopping trip (0.05) her friend enters the room to show off her new coat, which she bought from her Co-op dividends (0.19) her friend then shows her balance book, c/u of the book (0.25) first woman leaves with her friend to join the Co-op (0.31) freeze frame of the women leaving (0.41).

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