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Reference number: 3541

Date: 1947

Director: [filmed by G. G. Elliot]

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 8.51 mins

Description: A film made to promote the use of "Viking" nylon rope in climbing. Manufactured by the Edinburgh Roperie & Sailcloth company.

Donor worked for the Edinburgh Roperie & Sailcloth Col. Ltd [part of British Ropes Co.] based in Leith. The Company moved to London in 1960. Company made a number of films featuring their manufactured rope, eg for whaling, trawling and aircraft (as thin rope mesh to act as an extra braking mechanism). Refs. 3537-3549.

See also refs. at 3537, 3539, 3540, 3543, 3545, 3546, 3549.

Credits: features J. R. Hewit, G .G. Elliot & G. C. Williams

Shotlist: Climbing in Skye with "Viking" Nylon Rope 1947 J.R. Hewit. G.G. Elliot. G.C. Williams two men come out of cottage (bothy?) at foot of hill, in climbing gear with rucksacks, one man takes out "Viking" nylon rope from box, winds it up leaving a loop at the top, and two men set off on the climb (3.33) one man ties rope round his waist, c/u knotting rope, and climbs rock face, followed by second man who has rope round his waist, men climb, paying out and roping in the safety in turn to the summit, top man pats the second on his head (8.02) gvs climbers descend by running down scree slope, includes c/u of the two men (8.51)

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