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  • Dumfriesshire


  • 1930s


Reference number: 3742

Date: 1925 - 1937

Production company: Biddalls Pictures

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 4.04 mins

Description: A compilation of local events in Annan, 1925 - 1937.

See ref. 2376 RIDING OF THE MARCHES AT ANNAN, July 5th 1930 for brief shot of the accumulator.

Possibly made on commission for Biddall's cinema.

Shotlist: LADIES DAY AT ANNAN BOWLING GREEN AUG 20TH 1925. (0.04) [12fps] Happy crowds milling about in front of bowling clubhouse?; a few men take their hats off to the camera (0.37) [no shots of bowling]

KIRKIN O' TOWN COUNCIL, ANNAN, 7TH NOV 1926. Spectators, and procession of councillors. (1.46)

OPENING OF CO-OPERATIVE BAKERY ANNAN, BY G BROCK ESQ FEBRUARY 18TH 1928. (1.52) [18fps] Crowd on street outside commercial building. Brock opens unmarked door and enters followed by guests. (2.39)

LAUNCH OF THE GIGANTIC STEAM ACCUMULATOR AT COCHRANE & CO WORKS, NEWBIE, ANNAN SAT 16 MAY 1931 TAKEN BY BIDDALL'S PICTURES. (2.49) [18fps] Very large metal cylinder with rivetted surface floating in water (painted on side: Ruths Steam Accumulator, Westburn Sugar Refinery, Greenock, Built by Cochran & Co, Annan Ltd) The cylinder is tied up beside a pier crowded with children and interested bystanders; one or two children jump in front of camera, and then a number crowd up to the lens. [image very jerky in places] (4.04)

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