The use of early video technology for training student teachers at Dundee College of Education. (clip) [74959388]

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  • 1970s


Reference number: 3894

Date: 1977

Director: filmed by Peter Cantour

Sponsor: Council of Educational Technology for the UK with the Scottish Council of Educational Technology

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.44 mins

Description: This film shows Dundee College of Education as a leader of educational innovation, outlining new teaching methods used at the College. It also shows the trend towards the use of the media of instruction to support individual learning.

Credits: sd. rec. Derek Williams
film ed. Franco Rosso
titles Elva Ede
cameraman & d. Nick Gifford
p. Peter Cantor

We acknowledge with thanks the help of the Principle, Staff and Students of Dundee College of Education and the Scottish Education Department.

Shotlist: Credits, COLLEGE WITH A DIFFERENCE (0.22) gowned female teacher in classroom (0.29) shot outside Dundee College, Sign DUNDEE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION (0.43) Shot of Tay Bridge (0.57) Harbour on River Tay (1.17) Students entering college (1.30) P.E. lesson, teenagers; children (2.06) Library Resources centre; students study video and sound material in carrels (3.12) Distribution Centre where video is relayed to different users in the University, e.g. lecturers or individual students' carrels (4.01) Girl studying in bedroom (4.05) Different shots of the Learning Resources Department, woman being filmed presenting (4.39) men in van using media equipment (4.48) Man studying using television package (5.22) Children in playground (5.30) Man teaching school children (6.01) Lecturer assessing teaching methods using video tape (6.17) men sitting discussing results (7.18) students outside college (7.35) students express views about the use of media resources (8.18) Student using carrel to study, watching video (8.33) Lecturer asking for feedback from two students on his teaching material (10.12) Print Shop; learning materials being produced (10.41) exts. teaching students taking part in a field study of trees designed for children, helped by a lecturer; shots students questioning and acting on printed instructions (12.33) students walking down corridor (12.41) Students in a science class, using simple equipment, e.g. mirrors, piano wire etc. (14.05) students sing in chorus to a piano (14.28) different shots of classroom activities (15.19) End credits (15.44)

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