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How pupils at Kilquhanity benefit from working with animals on the school farm. (clip) [74958125]

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  • Ayrshire


  • Arts and crafts
  • Construction and engineering
  • Education
  • Emotions, attitudes and behaviour
  • Institutional care
  • Agriculture
  • Animals


  • Documentary
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  • 1960s

Title: CHILDREN GROWING: Report From Kilquhanity House

Reference number: 4194

Date: 1968 *

Production company: Jordanhill College Film & TV Unit

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12.11 mins

Description: Documentary on the "alternative" school at Kilquhanity House, Kirkcudbrightshire, which closed in 1997. Shots of the children partaking in the various activities, crafts and lessons available, overseen by teachers probably including John Aitkenhead, one of the founders of the school.

See also ref 7586

Shotlist: Titles (0.30) gvs children play outside the school buildings; football, seesaw, cycling v/o mentions that there are 40 pupils, 10 adults (1.30) gvs chores at the school: making kindling, burning refuse, preparing food etc. (2.45) Children of different ages have a mathematics lesson v/o remarks "class sizes are small... children are on Christian name terms with all their teachers" (3.28) ints the "Science Lab" children are set practical lessons; v/o "few of the children set their academic sights very high" (4.10) John Aitkenhead (?) holds an English tutorial for older children; children speak in v/o of not sitting exams (4.50) "Open choice" lessons in the afternoon- creative work; children construct and paint with help v/o child speaks of the importance of happiness (6.20) Children carry out a canoe, that they "hewed from an 80 ft pine" and lash on outriggers (7.25) Children play out a drama in the library (8.15) Woodwork (8.48) Producing the school magazine (9.36) Child plays on tree swing, botany lesson, Autumn poems in v/o (10.52) gvs pupils work on the school farm, with cattle (11.40) ecs (11.55)

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