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Reference number: 4591

Date: 1972, June

Director: filmed by Mr Tom Urie

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 22.01 mins

Description: A trip on the 'Loch Carron', travelling up the Firth of Clyde, to the Mull of Kintyre, Oban, Tiree and the Outer Hebrides.

The film-maker believed this service provided by the 'Loch Carron' would shortly be terminated, and intended this film to be a record of one of the last trips it made.


(00:00:00:00) title (00:00:13:19) Caledonian MacBrayne's ship 'Loch Carron' tied up on Clydeside (00:00:57:24) the ship departs from just under the Kingston Bridge, sailing past General Terminus Quay where the ore ship 'SJOHOLT' is unloading (00:02:14:24) shot of Glasgow Street Ferry crossing river (run by Glasgow Corporation - passengers travel free of charge) (00:02:50:08) gvs sailing up the Clyde, passing shot Yarrows yard (00:03:17:21) passing shot 'F72' ship, passing shot Yarrow Shipbuilders, Barclay Curle & Co. Ltd. Elderslie Dockyard (00:03:41:12) shot of Renfrew Ferry (00:03:57:14) proceeding up the river, passing Glasgow Corporation Sludgeboat 'Dalmarnock' and going under Erskine Bridge (00:04:46:06) shot of Dumbarton Rock (00:04:59:03) distant shot Ben Lomond (00:05:04:00) passing Greenock (00:05:21:13) gvs dredging at Greenock container terminal (00:05:38:18) brief shot lighthouse (00:05:42:24) gvs Firth of Clyde as seen from bow of ship (00:06:43:22) passing shot Holy Isle off Arran (00:07:01:22) shot of Burns Laird's roll on roll off ferry 'Lyon' returning from Belfast en route to Ardrossan (00:07:20:06) shot of the Ailsa Craig (00:07:27:07) shot of the lighthouse at Pladda, south end of Arran (00:07:37:17) gvs round Mull of Kintyre, sailing late evening (00:07:55:10) entering Tobermory Bay the following morning (00:08:18:23) exts Western Isles Hotel (00:08:27:03) gvs docking at MacBrayne's Terminal, Tobermory (00:08:41:23) gvs from shore, including the 'Loch Nell' (ferry from Tobermory to Mingaray) and the 'Claymore' sailing to Tiree (00:09:25:21) shot of Coll pier, where ship stops (00:10:06:22) departing Coll, bound for Tiree, includes shot of 'Claymore' passing by (00:10:57:05) gvs landing at Tiree pier, a man jumps across to hook up crane lift for cargo (container, house removals) (00:12:21:11) gvs around island, including thatched cottages, the bay, exts W.R. Weatherston, Dental Surgeon's office (00:13:22:00) gvs coast (00:13:44:04) gvs departure from harbour, sailing across Minch towards Barra (heavy swell) (00:15:40:21) approaching Castlebay, Barra, passing Kisimul Castle (00:16:13:24) shots as seen from shore, including Kisimul Castle, church and village, 'Loch Carron' tied up in harbour (00:16:54:15) gvs sea and islands as seen from ship, passing Eriskay in the background (00:17:19:15) approach to (though noy landing) at Lochboisdale harbour, South Uist (00:17:34:24) shot of Tarbert, Harris (?); unloading cargo at Lochmaddy pier, North Uist where a residential caravan is loaded onto trailer with the aid of the ship's crane (00:19:09:14) departing Lochmaddy, gvs on deck (00:19:32:23) approach to Oban, cargo is deposited at Lismore (including bull and postal van) (00:21:01:00) gvs Mull of Kintyre, including the lighthouse (00:21:31:17) gvs sailing up the Firth of Clyde (00:21:57:18) The End (00:22:01:20)

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