Full record for 'LACHIE STEWART: Cigarettes Are For Losers'

Lachie Stewart’s famous phrase inspires a teenager to give up smoking - “Come on John, you can do better than that!” (clip) [74959583]

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  • 1970s

Title: (LACHIE STEWART: Cigarettes Are For Losers)

Reference number: 4724

Date: 1970c

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 0.42 mins

Description: Lachie Stewart winning a race, training teenagers - but one cannot run because he smokes.

Shotlist: Lachie Stewart winning the Men's 10,000m race for Scotland in the 1970 Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh (0.07); Lachie training teenage boy runners at Meadowbank Stadium with one boy dropping out wheezing (0.20); This boy picks up a cigarette and destroys it (0.26); SLOGAN Cigarettes are for losers (0.42)

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