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The challenges of being a teenager in the 1970s. (clip) [74958671]

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  • 1970s

Title: I AM

Reference number: 4753

Date: 1978

Director: d. Sarah Erulkar

Sponsor: Scottish Health Education Unit (SHEU)

Production company: Viscom Scotland in association with Smith Schorstein Associates Limited

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 18.42 mins

Description: Teenage life in the 1970s, at home and leisure. A group of teenagers discuss togetherness and individuality.

Credits: p. Laurie Hardie-Brown
p. man. Iain Smith and Jon Schorstein
sd. rec. Bob Mackenzie
cameraman. Eddie McConnell
ed. Robert Morgan
w. Sarah Erulkar

Shotlist: credits, superimposed over young people enjoying a variety of activities ranging from music to motorbiking (3.18) Title (3.24); Domestic scenes, including mother and daughter speaking together, children reading and playing with toys (5.45); Teenager typing; young man arguing with his parents at home (8.30); Teenagers in a fish and chip shop (9.19); Teenage girl in her room reading and listening to classical music LP (9.50); Teenagers servicing motorbikes; younger teenagers chatting about their lives intercut with shot riding motorcycle (13.03); Adults working in an engineering workshop and at tea break (13.53); Teenagers getting showered and changed in a changing room (14.11); Teenage boy larking about with his father in the house (16.15); Teenage pop group performing "You Get Off My Back" (17.10); Teenagers buying an LP in a record shop, having an Italian meal, dancing and riding motorcycles (18.38); ecs (18.42)

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