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Flags fly on fishing boats and cranes for the opening ceremony of Carradale Harbour. Kintyre. (clip) [74958518]

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  • Argyllshire


  • Fish and fishing


  • Television news


  • Templar Films


  • 1960s


Reference number: 5219

Date: 1961c

Production company: [ Templar Film Studios]

Sound: mute

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 1.37 mins

Description: Fishing boats bedecked in flags, possibly at the opening of the newly constructed pier for Carradale Harbour, Kintyre.

Shotlist: gvs boats, bedecked with flags and bunting, in Carradale harbour, Kintyre. pan to harbour wall (possibly newly built?); pan over Carradale Bay and crowds near harbour; shot decorated boat entering harbour (1.37)

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