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Local men open the lock gates and crowds gather to watch as Prince Philip steers the royal yacht ’Bloodhound’ through the locks at Fort Augustus. (clip) [74959634]

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  • Royalty
  • Transport


  • Television news


  • Templar Films


  • 1960s


Reference number: 5260

Date: 1960s c

Production company: [ Templar Film Studios]

Sound: mute

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 2.06 min

Description: Shots of Royal yacht 'Bloodhound' entering a lock, and gathered crowds.

Shotlist: yacht sails into locks at Fort Augustus; shots of crew, c/u children on board, including Prince Charles and Princess Anne? - Prince Philip at helm (1.06) shots of crowd; four men turn lock; shots passengers; ms man using a camera; shot of a pennant with an anchor and crown; shot of boat in lock, flanked by crowds (2.06)

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