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  • Dumfriesshire
  • Edinburgh
  • Peebles-shire


  • Arts and crafts
  • Birds
  • Construction and engineering
  • Science and technology
  • Water and waterways


  • Documentary
  • Sponsored


  • Films of Scotland Committee


  • 1980s


Reference number: 5780

Date: 1983

Director: d. Robin Crichton

Sponsor: Lothian Region

Production company: Edinburgh Film Productions in assoc. with Films of Scotland

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 26.20 mins

Description: Filmed over the six year creation period of the Megget Valley reservoir and dam. Shots before, during and after construction.

Working title: MEGGET RESERVOIR. Production file held at Scottish Screen Archive. The Archive also preserves film of the opening ceremony.

Credits: principal ph. Pete Warrilow
add. ph. Jan Pester, Gordon Hickie, Ian MacDonald, Chris Mylne
ass. cam. Dave Flett, James Ainslie, Norrie Halley
sd. rec. Ian Leslie, Colin Nicholson, Cameron Crosby, Keith Russell
prod ass. Trish Crichton, Pat Leslie, Alex Leadbetter, John Kelly
commentator Peter Kelly
anim. Les Pace
m. Phil Cunningham, Martin Hadden
pilots. John Poland, John Pinkerton
The Producers gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the: Consultant Engineers Robert H. Cuthbertson & Partners; Contractors Edmund Nuttal Ltd, Stanton & Stavely Ltd, Weir Pumps Ltd, Whatlings Ltd.

Shotlist: title (0.13) Edinburgh, view from Calton Hill (0.20) animal statues beside spring of piped water (0.47) illustration 300 years ago of people queuing for water stand (0.59) aerial view city, cut to reservoirs, then Megget valley of the Tweed (2.43) i/v former teacher of Megget school about teaching there and news of Megget to be flooded (3.28) men dipping sheep intercut with aerial shots Megget valley (4.37) bulldozer clearing new road, aerial view of valley (5.30) Douglas Gallacher, Resident Engineer explaining reservoir system with use of map (6.00) explosions for acqueduct construction, excavating machinery at rockface (6.25) aerial shot medieval drove road which the pipeline will follow underground (6.45) Councillor Hanlon makes a public appearance on JCB. Gvs construction of dam in valley with machinery, men at work i/cut with explanatory diagrams of dam (11.28) pipeline being laid, workmen and machinery connecting up two reservoirs near Edinburgh (11.55) new bridge to span reservoir, gvs dam control gallery (14.17) winter scenery, sheep in barn, gvs grouse. Frozen machinery (15.50) concrete lining the tunnel (16.30) i/v Douglas Gallacher, gvs further construction day and night (18.30) aerial view construction site (19.05) wild goats look into valley (19.18) gvs burns of Megget where gold was found, i/v and demonstration with gold panner (20.58) gratings fitted to overflow tower, finishing of pipeline (21.32) i/v Douglas Gallacher (21.53) official ceremony, woman closing valve to fill reservoir, view of valley as water level rises (23.30) int tunnels and control complex (23.57) i/v Douglas Gallacher, local people (25.00) aerial view valley (25.26) ecs (26.20)

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