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Full length video [90719057]

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Title: ECS XMAS PARTY 1981

Reference number: 6426

Date: 1981

Director: [filmed by Archie Craig]

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 6.40 minsc

Description: Amateur film from the Edinburgh Cine Society's 1981 Christmas party held for members and their families. Children playing charades in cinema theatre, general views people eating, drinking and generally enjoying themselves.

Shotlist: Title, int. Edinburgh Cine Society cinema theatre, members and their families seated. Small boy at front playing charades to audience. Young girl comes down the the front with elderly man. He talks for a while, then she plays charades. Pan to audience who laugh and applaud. Gvs audience and their children. People at table buffet, gvs people of all ages with food and drinks. Several shots of children with small plates of crisps and glasses of soft drinks. Elderly women with cups of tea. Several people doing washing up. View from audience of man giving speech in front of curtains. Children come up and pick small envelopes from bucket. One large man sneaks up and grabs envelope. The End.

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