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  • Edinburgh


  • Leisure and recreation
  • Agriculture


  • Documentary


  • Films of Scotland Committee


  • 1960s


Reference number: 7111

Date: 1960

Sponsor: Royal Highland and Agricultural Society with the co-operation of the Films of Scotland Committee

Production company: Norward Inglis Production

Sound: silent

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 26.36 mins

Description: Produced for the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society with the co-operation of the Films of Scotland Committee, this film offers a taste of the wide range of activities on offer at the Royal Highland Show at Ingliston, 1960.

This particular show was held at Ingliston near Edinburgh from 21st to 24th June, 1960.

See website for the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society at http://www.rhass.org.uk [last accessed 3/4/2008]

Shotlist: opening credits and title (0.21) gvs show car park and site generally (0.47) gvs animals on show, including gvs Ayrshire Class 44 (1.55) British Friesan Class 57 (2.19) Galloway Class 25 (3.07) Beef Cattle Class 81 (3.32) Aberdeen Angus Class. Group of photographers getting pictures of prizewinner, decorated with award rosettes (3.58) Clydesdale Geldings are prepared, their feet washed etc (4.12) they are led around show ring (4.32) c/u Clydesdale horse and owner (4.42) Hunters Class, men ride horses around show ring (5.13) Riding ponies Class, judges inspect the pony standing alongside owner (5.39) blacksmith shoeing horse in workshop area (6.08) display of 'Shoe-Making Competition' prizewinners (6.14) show of Blackface Class 130 (6.40) show of Cheviot Class, a man takes a photograph (7.08) Sheep Shearing demonstrations as crowds look on (under canvas tent made by Thomas Black & Sons, Greenock). A crowd gathers to watch man shearing by hand using electric shears, he offers a little commentary at one stage (8.16) c/u sign "WOOL: From Fleece to Fashion' sponsored by the International Wool Secretariat & British Wool Marketing Board for the British Wool Promotion Committee" ints fashion show woolen garments, gvs models on catwalk (8.39) ints displays featuring British wool carpets (9.09) c/u machine creating a carpet or rug (9.27) exts Handcrafts Exhibition marquee (9.38) ints toy and lace exhibitions, c/u prizewinning objects (10.05) gvs as ladies look over the prizewinning cushion cover in the Handweaving Class (10.58) gvs refreshment area, people enjoy cup of tea sitting outside with parasols. Very brief shot Cadbury's stand (11.15) entrance to Children's Nursery area (11.36) gvs as little children play in sandpit, the nurse on hand to help (11.48) exts exhibition generally, people milling about (12.24) people on a 'Firestone Tyres' demonstration (a car ride similiar to a roller coaster) (12.40) shot of free showground bus service (13.17) 'Forest Research in Scotland' stand where displays educate about tree diseases. c/u creosoted fresh stumps (14.11) RNLI lifeboat 'Margaret' on display, visitors explore vessel (14.42) l/s over Cattle 'Grand Parade', elevated shots same (18.22) arrival of HRH Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip by car, crowds look on (19.14) they walk about (19.35) they visit East of Scotland College of Agriculture stand, then Overseas (Visitors) stand. They ride in personalised tour car (20.42) Queen plants tree, meets and greets assembled line of people (21.10) arrival at showground, gvs army cadet display (22.54) penny farthing display and donkeys (23.39) show jumping display (24.02) pipe march display and drums (25.31) the Royals depart (26.20) logo of the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society (?) (26.27) The End (26.36)

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