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  • Construction and engineering


  • Amateur
  • Industrial


  • 1960s


Reference number: 7347

Date: 1942*/1947/1948*/1953*/1954*/1956*/1959*/1962

Director: [attributed to James Anderson]

Sound: silent

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 32.53 mins

Description: General view of John S. Young & Co., Ltd., engineering works. The first production model Vertimax lathe as it is assembled, and put on display at exhibitions in the Kelvin Hall and Olympia, London.

Shotlist: [no title] [BW] ints engineering works, men moving plates of sheet metal, hoisting heavy machinery into place, working in furnace, welding. operation of rolling machine, cleaning debris from machine (4.31) exts 'pulley' type structure being brought out of works, and hoisted up straight (5.02) machine loaded on back of vehicle (5.08) ints J. S. Young & Co Ltd stand at exhibition (6.28) The first production model Vertimax (6.33) [COL] shot of same outside the works (6.45) Those who helped to make it workers stand alongside the machine for photographs (7.40) man cleans machine, winter snow in background. The 'Vertimax' is then seen loaded on back of truck and driven away (8.02) c/u metal object is finished using the 'Vertimax ' (9.00) [BW] gvs components are fitted together to form finished machine, gvs production line (21.45) Advertising leaflet for the 'Vertimax Twin Slide Vertical Chucking Lathe' at the Olympia exhibition, London [September 10, 1952?] (21.55) [COL] exts Olympia Hall, banner on outside reads 'International Machine Tool Exhibition' (22.05) ints Olympia, elevated overview (22.11) [BW] ints exhibition stand with people crowded around, the 'Vertimax Chucking Machine with Universal Slides' on show (22.56) [COL] exts Vertimax works (23.10) empty ints at works (23.51) [BW] very busy ints works, production line at Thornliebank Works (25.40) [COL] continued gvs, same, including man spray painting the finished machine (26.33) [BW] machine is assembled, parts are hoisted into place (27.21) [COL] gvs machine (27.46) [BW] machine is placed on display (28.48) [COL] shot of machine on display and in action (29.45) man examining paperwork, gvs machine (29.52) exts Olympia Hall, London (30.02) ints Olympia Exhibition, from above, gvs men discussing displays (31.53) man sitting in office smoking pipe (32.04) ints drawing office, men at work, woman using manual typewriter (32.40) shot of machine (32.53)

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