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  • Lanarkshire


  • Amateur


  • 1990s

Title: TIME

Reference number: 7480

Date: 1990

Director: filmed by John McMillan

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: Fiction

Running time: 3.15 mins

Description: A light-hearted amateur dramatisation of the Bobby Bare song "Time", in which an elderly gentleman laments the passage of time.

Note from Mr Saberton: When this film was made we had a few members who lived in Bellshill and who were affectionately known as the Bellshill Boys. This film cut to a song features founder member Bob Black as the elderly gentleman lamenting the passage of time.

Paper archive records relating to the Dalziel Camcorder Club also held at the Scottish Screen Archive.

Credits: cast Bob Black (Old Man), Eddie Williams (His Pal)
camera Bob Ross
ass. d. Tom Callender
original idea by Jessie Matthews

Shotlist: [shot-listed from DigiBeta - manual control track]

DALZIEL CINE & VIDEO CLUB PRESENT - title - shot of people walking along street in snow - shots of old man with stick, climbing up steps and looking up at tower block - shots of old woman on path, mother and young girl at train station, two teenage girls walking along path - shot of old man and friend sitting on park bench reading Sunday Post, joking about being hard of hearing (1.11) shots of tram cars at Glasgow Garden Festival - shots of old man on bench, teenagers in park - old man looks at photograph of Princess Diana - shots of women and toddler in shopping centre - more shots of old man walking around - gvs of derelict council houses - shots of old man and friend chatting - ecs - old man walks away - THE END (3.15)

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