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  • Berwickshire
  • Roxburghshire


  • Landscapes and seascapes
  • Religion
  • Architecture and buildings


  • Amateur


  • 1990s


Reference number: 8260

Date: 1993

Director: [filmed by Rev. John Jackson]

Sound: silent

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 11.38 mins

Description: An amateur compilation of footage recording architectural detail and country setting of churches in the Borders. Features Ladykirk Church, Fogo Kirk, Swinton village and church, Whitsome village and Kirk, Kelso St. John's church.

Handwritten notes on original can:- Kirks of the Merse and Kelso North / St. Johns. Establishing shots Dovecote. Country. VR Postbox. Castle. Ladykirk. Architecture. Graphics. Windows. Its story. Fogo (?) Style setting med tracks 19th century. Swinton. Bell. Flodden. Village. Distinctive / different kirk. Bear? interior. Whitsome. Village 1860s style. Setting. Character. Community. Kelso St. J's / nth. Kirk and setting. Col Sil 1993.

Inside can card taped to inside reads:- "Film produced in worst of summers. 8 days shooting 24/4/93, 29/4/93, 30/4/93, 31/5/93, 23/6/93, 24/6/93, 11/8/93, 12/8/93. 4 days editing."

Shotlist: [shotlisted from VHS, manual control track]

title (0.15) [very fast cuts] gvs scenics, including river (0.30) unid. church spire, ruined church in distance, gvs scenics (0.42) exts Ladykirk Church, c/u architectural stonework detail ((1.37) c/u mediaeval paintings of the churches of the Merse in byegone times (1.49) ints church, presumably Ladykirk, c/u stained glass and vaulted ceiling (3.03) exterior, c/u stone cross (3.09) exts Ladykirk church (3.31) gvs oil seed rape fields and general countryside of the Merse (4.01) exts Fogo Kirk, including Lych Gate at entrance to churchyard (4.44) ints Fogo Kirk (4.57) c/u belltower (belfry?) (5.14) brief shots Swinton village. exts Swinton Church (6.06) c/u woodcraving of animal - poss bear on pew inside (6.16) ints Swinton Church (7.00) c/u leaded glass window (7.09) exts Swinton Church (7.37) Whitsome village exts gvs cottages (7.53) view over rural landscape farm. hay bales in fields (8.05) exts Whitsome Kirk (8.45) ints same (9.21) view of field hay bales, forklift machine moving the bales (9.29) gvs landscape, hay fields (9.39) c/u sign 'Kelso' (9.52) exts houses, gardens (10.03) exts Kelso St. John's church with impressive spire, c/u of spire with ladder up the side (11.11) street and cars flowers in foreground (11.30) The End (11.41)

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