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Title: DOG...GONE

Reference number: 9025

Date: 1965c

Director: [filmed by George Gibson]

Sound: silent

Colour: col

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 4.26 mins

Description: Amateur story film about a boy and girl who sneak a dog into their house without their parents realising.

Film-maker was George Gibson, a keen amateur and a member of a cine club in Dundee at the time.

Cataloguer's comment: Interesting 1960s decor in the house and children's clothing.

Credits: A Little Gem film

Shotlist: A Little Gem FILM - title - ext suburban house, young boy and girl come out, push pram down driveway and along pavement - mother watches from window - l/s boy and girl going along road with doll in pram - mother watches as they return - boy unlocks garden shed and they take small black dog from pram and put it in the shed (1.45) mother making up children's bed - girl takes plate of meat from fridge - mother gets girl ready for bed at fireside - boy sneaks off and brings dog into house - children head upstairs to bed with hot water bottles and matching pyjamas, then play with the dog in their bedroom (2.59) mother and father sitting in living room - mother hears noise and goes upstairs to investigate - children jump into bed and pretend to be asleep - mother tucks them in as dog hides under bed, inches from her feet (4.07) next morning, mother calls upstairs for children to get up, and boy takes dog downstairs and lets it out of front door - THE END (4.26)

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