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Lady Aberdeen talks about the schedule involved in staging an opera such as ‘Peter Grimes’ at Haddo House. (clip) [74959445]

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  • Television documentary


  • 1980s


Reference number: N1064

Date: 1986*

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 27.23 mins

Description: TV documentary on the Haddo Choral and Operatic Society based at Haddo house, Aberdeenshire. History and various productions. Interviews with actors.

Shotlist: Ext. Haddo House, Aberdeenshire (0.07) int. children in period costume (0.11) ext. Haddo House (0.17) int. c/u woman applying make-up, costumes being prepared (0.29) ext. Haddo House from afar, slow zoom in (0.48) int. library, drawing room (0.57) cars on road ext. house (1.08) int. applause from assembled crowd (1.15) Dame Janet Baker talking to camera, Richard Baker talking to camera (1.29) Esther Rantzen talking to camera, b&w photo of woman, June Gordon (1.42) b&w still 19th Century wooden hall and theatre in Haddo grounds, still of Haddo Choral and Operatic Society (HCAOS) (1.53) b&w still David Gordon, 4th Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair, in military uniform. Then with his family ext. Haddo House (2.04) June talking to camera intercut with shot of wooden hall as it is today (2.37) b&w stills choral society, sketches, newspaper clippings (3.03) stills Peter Pears, Benjamin Britten, Ralph Vaughan-Williams, Leon Goossens who appeared with HCAOS (3.20) stills from operas, including Macbeth (3.46) bearded man talking (4.04) Dame Janet Baker talking (4.19) bearded man talking (4.34) talking head: Dame Janet Baker (5.14) Esther Rantzen (5.33) colour stills (5.42) Richard Baker talking to camera, colour stills (6.00) Esther Rantzen intercut with colour still Prince Edward (6.35) Choral and Operatic Society members eating at rehearsals, washing up (7.02) June talking to camera (7.11) bearded man talking (7.16) June (7.31) playwright Charles Barron talking about opera 'Peter Grimes' and his work with HCAOS, intercut with rehearsals (11.07) actor from Peter Grimes talking, rehearsals (12.15) actress from Peter Grimes talking (12.37) actor from Peter Grimes talking (13.30) June talking to camera (13.39) various female members of HCAOS talking about opera (14.40) rehearsals (16.26) Charles Barron and Diana Burkes talking about set design (17.06) June talking to camera (17.19) Charles Barron (17.42) June talking to camera (18.00) actor talking about potential gaffes (18.39) June (18.42) Nan Anderson at sewing machine with costumes (19.08) b&w still of Peter Peers who has just died, more stills (19.47) cast prepare for first night (20.51) traffic arriving (20.59) audience talking (21.43) Peter Grimes the opera (22.11) woman talking to camera (22.45) orchestra being conducted by June, audience, opera (27.15) opera finishes to applause (27.17) blank (27.23) 986ft
[picture ends] (27.26) [sd] 987ft

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