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Street sculpture being constructed by members of the public outside Goldberg’s in Edinburgh during the 1971 Festival. (clip) [74958248]

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  • 1970s


Reference number: T0763

Date: 1971

Director: d. Brian Marney & James Sutherland

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 30.16 mins

Description: T.V. Arts programme from 1971 profiling the Visual Arts output from both the Official & Fringe elements of the Edinburgh Festival.

Credits: film unit; Harry Bridges, Gordon Stephenson, Ron Wilkins
dubbing Mixers; Gary Coleman, Jeff Robertson.

Taller Montevideo : presented by Sheila Duffy; ed. Ian MacKenzie & d. Brian Marney

Rumanian Art & Belgian Surrealists : presented by Bill Kerr Eliot; ed. Jim Hosack & Alan Armstrong; & d. James Sutherland.

Shotlist: FESTIVAL: Logo & credit sequence (0.11) ls moving up to talking head of reporter sitting on balcony of Art Gallery intro. subject of programme (0.35) int shot of Demarco Gallery with pictures & sculptures of Rumanian Artists (1.12) talking head Iv with Richard Demarco in his Gallery interspersed with shots of the avant garde Rumanian Art (5.06) c/u of Rumanian Artist Paul Neagu at work, hand printing with v/o I/v Ovidiou Maitec (8.28) gv of Rumanian wooden sculpture in gallery (10.28) talking head Iv with Demarco (11.26) c/u of a piece of Rumanian Sculpture (11.40) talking head to camera of reporter in R.S.A. with shots of exhibitions of Belgian Surrealists, including Delvaux, Mesens and Magritte (12.19) i/v with Art critic Edward Gauge in Exhibition incl. shots of public viewing the exhibition (21.05) talking head to camera of reporter (21.16) gv of construction of Cubic Sculpture in streets of Edinburgh plus Iv with Artist with the Montevideo group(29.49) gv of technical equipment of camera crew with v/o of credits (30.16)

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