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Author James Wood describes a method used by poachers to catch salmon by the river bank. (clip) [74958356]

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A female angler describes the enjoyment of line fishing for salmon on a Scottish river. (clip) [74958359]

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  • Perth and Perthshire


  • Employment, industry and industrial relations
  • Environment, the
  • Fish and fishing
  • Food and drink
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Politics
  • Sporting activities
  • Tourism and travel
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  • Television documentary


  • 1960s


Reference number: T1124

Date: 1966

Director: d. Joe Boyer

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 26.18 mins

Description: T.V. Documentary of 1966 on the subject of salmon fishing in Scotland, taking in changing trends in fishing techniques (including poaching), fish monitoring, farming and angling rights. These had begun to change in the light of the newly published Hunter report of 1965, reflecting new understanding of salmon behaviour and stock levels.

Credits: narr. Michael Elder.
ph. Ron Fraser
ph. Jack Elder.
sd. Garry Coleman, Jeff Robertson.
ed. Bill Robertson.
w. Russel Galbraith.

Shotlist: S.T.V. symbol & titles(0.26) Angling; v/o woman describes her feelings when she has a fish on her line (1.32) Opening of season Loch Tay (1.48) Salmon being prepared for cooking; (2.13) Coastal fishermen unloading the salmon catch; coastal salmon netting, nets are cast from a two-man rowing boat, intercut with c/u pages of the "Hunter Report" [Scottish Salmon and Trout Fisheries. Second Report. (1965)] (2.47) Iv on river management (4.02) Iv Lord Mansfield on demand for fishing [in front of Scone Palace?](7.30) Salmon in shallows (7.58) Fly tying (9.21) Angling at Perth (10.06) ints. Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory at Loch Faskally examine salmon Iv with Dr William Pipeinch? c/u of fish eggs in tank, c/u smolt being tagged (14.58) Salmon ladder; Iv Sandy Phillips, a salmon counter, working under the dam at Pitlochry; he speaks about the behaviour and condition of the fish he sees (15.27) Iv with author James Wood, who describes poaching methods (including dynamite and cyanide) and enforcement of fishing rights and river safety by police and river bailiffs (19.20) Salmon in shallows (20.00) Iv about threats to salmon from industrial, agricultural and household pollution (21.12) Seals, and cubs (23.36) Iv President of Scottish Salmon Net Fishing Association, Mr Graham Smart; Iv Mrs Grace Hickley, intercut with gvs seal cull; gvs Coastal fishermen netting fish on a beach; small children pick up small fish thrown away by fishermen (24.51) Iv on future of Salmon fishing (25.40) Credits (26.18)

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