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The hopes and ambitions of the emigrés as well as the potential benefits to the economies of Scotland, Australia and Canada. [WARNING: Some of the language used in this documentary is quite racist] (clip) [82803558]

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  • Emotions, attitudes and behaviour


  • Television documentary


  • 1960s

Title: CLEARANCE '68

Reference number: T1128

Date: 1968

Director: d. Ted Williamson

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: sound

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 23.25 mins

Description: Part One of a T.V. Documentary from the late 1960s discussing modern emigration from Scotland discussing the shift of emphasis from the traditional areas of migration - Australia, Canada - to England particularly London and Corby.

Credits: sc. Raeburn MacKie
film ed. Leonard Trumm

Shotlist: STVlogo (0.07) shot of jet flying off, people boarding ship, people boarding plane on runway - with title of programme (1.07) various shots of people working in industry (1.36) various brief shots of Australia moving onto Glasgow Canadian Emigration Office with Iv with emigration official and Scots family (4.34) shots of Central Register with people working (5.20) Iv's with Scots at Prestwick Airport - emigrating (7.15) Iv with Registrar General in his office interspersed with shots of the Central Register(9.02) Iv with Glasgow University Lecturer regarding emigration interspersed with talking head of the Registrar General (11.38) Iv with removal man discussing people moving with regard to emigration with shots of van being loaded (12.48) shots of London with women being Iv in Carnaby Street regarding their move to England (14.51) Iv with John Stephen - clothes shop (15.47) Iv with the English Mayor of Wandsworth wearing a Kilt (16.29) brief Iv with Lulu (16.45) Iv with Scots editor of the London Evening Standard next to Westminister Bridge interspersed with talking head of John Stephen and Lulu(20.44) shots of Corby and the steel industry - end of part one logo over aerial shot of the steel works of Corby (22.02) countdown leader (22.21) shot of jet taking off - ecs (23.25)

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